'Elder Scrolls 6' release date delay update: Game won't be launched in E3 2016?

"Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim," the predecessor of the much-awaited "Elder Scrolls 6." | Bethesda Softworks

A new report is claiming that developer Bethesda Softworks will not announce the long-awaited "Elder Scrolls 6" during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) this June, as previously indicated by the rumor mills.

According to Yibada, the game studio might not release the game until after three years. A reason for the game's no-show this year is that Bethesda has its focus on downloadable content (DLC) for its existing games.

The developer recently announced its next DLC for "Elder Scrolls Online" titled "Dark Brotherhood," which will be released on May 31 for personal computers (PC) and June 14 for consoles.

The latter is scheduled the same day E3 2016 wraps up, which suggests that instead of "Elder Scrolls 6" at the spotlight during the event, Bethesda is putting "Elder Scrolls Online" center stage.

Bethesda is expected to make available more DLCs for "Fallout 4" as well, with three packs officially in the offing. The next content for the beloved game is "Far Harbor," which will be released this May as well.

According to reports, Bethesda will keep its focus on its current titles instead of dividing its developer team by making a new one such as "Elder Scrolls 6."

In an interview with Dual Shockers last year, Bethesda Vice President of Marketing Pete Hines said that it will be "a very long time" before fans start to get official details about the next "Elder Scrolls" game.

There's no telling how long that will take but Hines emphasized their focus is on making the DLCs for the abovementioned games. After all that post-launch effort, it will be the only time they fully shift their focus on "Elder Scrolls 6."

Nevertheless, the title is still on the company's agenda. There has been a galore or leaks and speculations about what the new "Elder Scrolls" title will bring.

The latest rumor is that Bethesda will adapt the settlement-building feature from the "Fallout 4" DLC "Wasteland Workshop" for "Elder Scrolls 6."