Erica Campbell: Oprah's Greenleaf TV drama may be 'upsetting' for some churchgoers

Media tycoon Oprah Winfrey's TV drama "Greenleaf" which explores the story of a black megachurch may upset some church members, said gospel musician Erica Campbell.

"Some church people may be upset," Campbell said when she appeared as guest for the "Tom Joyner Morning Show" on July 1.

Entertainer Oprah Winfrey speaks on stage. | REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

The 44-year-old wife and mother of three just expressed her thoughts on Winfrey's new drama series "Greenleaf," which delves on the scandals and affairs of Greenleaf family and their Memphis-based megachurch Calvary Fellowship World Ministries. The show stars Keith David ("Enlisted") who plays Bishop James Greenleaf, and Lynn Whitfield ("The Josephine Baker Story") who plays Lady Mae Greenleaf. Winfrey, 62, also appears in the show as Lady Mae's sister, Mavis McCready.

Campbell added that it's a common misconception to think that churchgoers are perfect people.

"I believe everybody that's coming to church needs Jesus. There is no such thing as perfect people," she said.

Winfrey revealed during the show's press screening back in April that she's not worried of any backlash from the Christian community despite the drama's controversial script. She relied on the fact that her intention for telling the story is good.

"Our intention is to use this as a platform for telling great stories," the publication quoted her as saying.

She added, "Our intention is to be mindful and respectful of the church as an institution. Only good can come from that."

Winfrey also said that she grew up in a black church herself and that it made up a big part of who she was today. She added that she wanted to create an hour-long family drama in the fashion of the hit FOX TV series "Empire."

The writer for "Greenleaf," Craig Wright, also didn't think that the show in any way undervalued the Christian church.

"The show doesn't treat the faith as satire, it treats it with respect," he said. "That doesn't mean you can't tell stories with meaty turns and juicy soapy stuff in it."