Former WWE wrestler Ted DiBiase recounts his journey from wrestler to preacher

Ted DiBiase, also known by his WWE stage name the Million Dollar Man, is now actively preaching the gospel at Victory Christian Church in Middlefield, Connecticut. But before he began he preaching, he went through a period of debauchery during the high point of his career.

(Wikimedia Commons/5of7)Ted DiBiase

"I'm preaching the gospel," DiBiase told ESPN. "The last thing I thought I would be doing is traveling the country and traveling the world preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, but God had a plan and nobody is more surprised than me. A lot of people who knew me before have been equally surprised over the years," he added.

DiBiase recalled that WWE CEO Vince McMahon would not discuss the character he had in mind for the wrestler until a contract was signed. The wrestler consulted with his mentor Terry Funk who advised him to take the job and never look back.

McMahon told him that he would be portraying a character that annoys people by displaying his wealth excessively so DiBiase came up with the name "Million Dollar Man."

The former wrestler revealed that he had consumed alcohol and cocaine at the height of his career but never became addicted to any of it. Despite the numerous parties he attended, DiBiase felt lonely on the road. This led him to become unfaithful to his wife, Melanie.

Melanie eventually discovered DiBiase's adultery and it almost ended their marriage. DiBiase realized that he had to commit his life to Jesus Christ when his wife gave him a second chance.

"I became an authentic Christian," DiBiase said.

He preached for the first time in 2000 at a church in Paducah, Kentucky and became a minister. He recalled that a boy once came to him and cried in his arms after hearing his testimony.

"He said, 'All my life, my parents and my grandparents have tried to make me understand why I need Jesus, I didn't get it.' He said, 'Tonight, through your story, I got it,'" DiBiase narrated.

"I sat there and realized God has just used me to change this kid's life," he added.

DiBiase is celebrating his 35th wedding anniversary with his wife this year. He stated that he is contented with his life as a pastor and he enjoys spending time with his sons and grandchildren. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2010 by his sons Ted Jr. and Brett.


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