'Girl Meets World' season 3 spoilers news: Riley meets new love interest, Riley-Lucas-Maya love triangle to finally end?

The whole gang travels to a familiar ski trip when Cory becomes the head of the Nature Club in the upcoming episode of Disney's hit family sitcom "Girl Meets World" season 3.

Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) and Riley (Rowan Blanchard) on"Girl Meets World" season 3. | Disney

The episode set to air this week is titled "Girl Meets Ski Lodge Part 1" and viewers will see Riley (Rowan Blanchard) along with the rest of the gang as they visit the popular ski lodge. In the original "Boy Meets World" series where Cory (Ben Savage) was the protagonist, the same lodge was the place where Riley's father kissed a girl which eventually led to his then-girlfriend Topanga (Danielle Fisher) breaking up with him. After that incident, their relationship became stronger and now they are happily married. 

Meanwhile, there is a possibility that the episode will finally explore the ongoing love triangle involving Riley, Lucas (Peyton Meyer) and Maya. The show never tackled the issue again since the New Year episode in season 2, but the special two-part finale might see who Lucas will choose between the two girls or if he will even choose at all. Series creator Michael Jacobs previously said that the love triangle will not have a huge part in the story, which might mean that the three friends will come up with a solution that will not hurt anybody.

The first moments of the promo trailer feature the group arriving at the ski lodge. Riley sees a bay window and finds a perfect spot for a quiet time. After spending some time thinking about her life, she later on tells her friends that "this triangle has to stop right now." Fortunately, she might have found the solution after meeting a new boy in the lodge. The new character's name was not mentioned, but it seems that the mystery guy had will capture Riley's heart.

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