GoPro Hero 5 release date, specs rumors: Action camera will come with 8k resolution?

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There have been numerous reports circulating all over the internet suggesting that GoPro is shaping up the company in order to make sure that their next flagship camera releases will be as good as it gets. The current GoPro Hero 4 has been doing well in the market, which could also be a result of lack of competition. However, there are rumors suggesting that the company is having financial drawback in the last few months.

There are speculations that GoPro is considering the next Hero 5 as the most important release of the company ever. One of the steps they have taken to make sure they achieve nothing but success is the acquisition of Danny Coster, one of Apple's most prominent members of their design team. Coster has helped Apple to become what it is today through his ideas and designs. GoPro is hoping that he can bring his skills and knowledge to help them with their future projects.

Meanwhile, there are reports suggesting that GoPro is planning to release a smaller and lighter action camera. The Hero 5 may surprise consumers, if rumors prove to be true. The company is also said to be working on their first drone device and there are speculations suggesting that the Hero 5 will be made compatible with it.

One of the features that rumored to be included when the Hero 5 comes out is the waterproofing technology. According to reports, GoPro is going to develop an action camera than can survive up to a depth of 60 meters. One interesting feature that is said to come on the next line of the Hero series is the 8K resolution technology. There are also people suggesting that the impressive feature will go along with 60 fps or frames per second capability.

The company has yet to provide an official statement with regard to the Hero 5's development; nonetheless, fans believe that GoPro will do their best to provide a better product once they decide to roll out the Hero 5.