'GTA 6' release date: world map feature? Predictions indicate 2018/2020 release

Promotional image for the Rockstar game "Grand Theft Auto V" | Facebook/Grand Theft Auto V

Now that it has been nearly three years since the release of "Grand Theft Auto V," the latest installment in the popular open world action/adventure video game series "Grand Theft Auto," fans have been clamoring for news on "GTA VI."

But with no official updates about the game and a very conspicuous absence during this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), gamers have been left to wonder whether or not the rumored installment could become a reality and what features a potential "GTA VI" would have.

One of the major aspects of the game that has been widely speculated about is its setting. There has been talk that the new "Grand Theft Auto" will take place in London, mainly because many of the game developers working on the series are British. And, according to Neurogadget, Rockstar Games co-founder Dan Houser has previously stated that he wanted GTA to venture outside American culture at some point in the franchise's future.

A certain "Liberty City" is another rumored setting, though no one knows for certain which actual city it will be based on. Alternatively, some have suggested that "Liberty City" could be featured in an upcoming DLC for the three-year-old "GTA V."

There have also been reports that the setting for "GTA VI" could be Las Venturas or San Fiero, with analysts believing that the "missing piece" in "GTA: San Andreas" could be either of the two.

Finally, new rumors indicate that Rockstar could go big and feature an entire world map in its latest "GTA" installment.

However, N4BB has said that this is "highly unlikely" as it would be nearly impossible for the game's developers to carry out such a daunting task for just one installment.

Meanwhile, though Rockstar has yet to confirm its plans for a future "GTA VI," Neurogadget suggested that the game could drop in 2018, five years after "GTA V." This would follow the pattern established with "GTA IV," which was released in 2008, and "GTA V," which came out in 2013.

Alternatively, "GTA VI" could be made available in 2020, right after Sony releases its new PlayStation and Microsoft drops its new Xbox.

Unfortunately, with the rumored release dates for "GTA VI" so far away, it is unlikely that gamers will be hearing anything from Rockstar about it anytime soon.

No official word has been released about the rumored "Grand Theft Auto VI."