Christian pastor in China jailed; Tells wife to never stop praying - 'God never makes a mistake'

An imprisoned pastor in China advised his wife in a letter to keep praying because God "never makes a mistake," despite facing torture and false accusations.

A woman prays at Sheshan Cathedral in the outskirts of Shanghai October 28, 2013. | REUTERS/Aly Song

"It is best to remain peaceful and wait for God," wrote house church pastor Li Guozhi aka Yang Hua to his wife as he spends more than six months in jail. 

"God is omniscient. I believe that he never makes a mistake," the pastor said.

The authorities arrested Yang in January after protecting a church-owned hard drive that the state wanted to confiscate. In its ongoing clampdown against churches, the state also arrested four other members of Huoshi Church, the largest house church in Guiyang.

The pastor tried to appease his wife's worries when he claimed that he's no longer suffering from lower back pain, attributing divine intervention for his healing. He also cited Isaiah 30:15 which reads, "In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength."

"It's also a kind of rest, staying inside," wrote Yang.

Mindful of his role, Yang shared his thoughts on how his wife should deal with their sons. He also encouraged her to use their credit cards with some financial tips. More than a husband, Yang's most important advice to his wife reflected his pastoral role.

"Never stop praying," he encouraged her. "Be grateful, because that's God's will conveyed through Jesus Christ."

China Aid, a human rights and religious persecution watchdog in China, published Wednesday, June 29 the letter Yang wrote on June 6 from Nanming District Detention Center. Earlier, the publication also released a transcript of the interview between Yang and his human rights lawyer Chen Jiangang.

The pastor revealed in his sworn testimony that state prosecutors tortured to extort him to confess, threatened to hurt his family and have him fed to pigs, as well as orchestrated a manipulated videotaped cross-examination.

China Aid is currently leading the campaign #FreeYangHua.