'Left 4 Dead 3' release date, rumors: Game to appear at E3 2016? Release expected in 2017

A screenshot from the survival horror game, "Left 4 Dead 2" | Facebook/Left4Dead2

It appears that Valve and their developers are still keen on keeping quiet about their games as fans are already eagerly anticipating a third rendition of "Half-Life" as well as questioning whether "Left 4 Dead 3" will ever be released as well.

However, despite the company staying silent, the hype around the games are at an all-time high and people are still hoping that it would happen in the near future.

And with the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2016 being held this week, many are still hoping that the developers will make a surprise announcement, at least for the "Left 4 Dead" franchise to be on the way.

Since the last game was released in 2009, the only real news on the possibility of the third installment was back a few months ago, when Express revealed some of the character names for the new game being developed.

There are three male characters: Irvin, a gangster; Keenan, a comic book nerd; and Garrett Jr., a martial arts fighter. The only female character is known as Katherine.

The report also stated that the release date should be around 2017 and that Valve is giving "Left 4 Dead 3" priority over "Half-Life 3." No concrete details have been released after that.

The E3 2016 event held on June 14 to 16 is where the best developers can unveil different games and offerings they have for consumers in the near future.

Many are anticipating Valve's possible unveiling, and with the huge success the "Left 4 Dead" series has had since its inception, the addition of the title to the list of releases will surely help the developers steal the limelight during this event.

And with many accepting the sad fate of "Half-Life 3", "Left 4 Dead 3" may be Valve's ultimate savior from critics who always want more.