Lizards preserved in amber for 99 million years show no signs of evolution

The discovery of ancient lizards estimated to be 99 million years old has put into question the theory of evolution as the animals were found to be highly similar to present day lizards, indicating that no evolution took place in the species.

(Wikimedia Commons/Calibas)Southern alligator lizard in Lodi, California is shown in this photo.

The lizards, which were unearthed in Myanmar, were fossilized in amber, a material that is "useful for preserving small, delicate organisms that are seldom represented as lithified remains or, as fragmentary microvertebrate elements, are often overlooked," researchers wrote in an analysis of the findings published on the journal Science Advances.

There were various kinds of lizards encased in the amber. Some appeared similar to the lizards known today, while some looked a lot more ancient. However, the scientists found a startling discovery: the animals appeared to show no signs of evolution but merely variation between different kinds.

"The encased organisms show no evidence for evolution between creature kinds. Instead, the dozen lizards fall neatly into five modern lizard categories," Brian Thomas from the Institute of Creation Research wrote. "These amber fossils show no between-kind evolution. Only minor variations within basic kinds happen today."

In short, the similarity between the encased lizards that existed during the time of the dinosaurs and the lizards that exist today indicates that no evolution took place over the period of 99 million years — if indeed the lizards were that old. This finding, Thomas said, is in line with the Bible's description of creation.

Elizabeth Mitchell from Answers in Genesis agrees with Thomas' argument.

"There is no evidence for upward evolution through a transitional form in this lizard's amber tomb -- just evidence for the sort of variation that ordinarily occurs within the created kinds of animals God made," she wrote in an article.

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