Orphan supported by church minister gets a new home

((Church of Scotland))Giorgi and his grandmother Ketino with Rev Casey (L) and Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, the Rt Rev Susan Brown

A 10-year-old orphan being supported by a Church of Scotland minister has been guaranteed a home after being threatened with eviction.

Giorgi Kakava and his grandmother were told to leave their apartment along with 300 other asylum seekers being housed in the Glasgow area.

According to the Church of Scotland, the family was given just 10 days' notice to vacate their flat in Springburn.

But after an intervention by Glasgow North East MP Paul Sweeney, the 10-year-old has now been offered a permanent tenancy with North Glasgow Housing Association, also called ng Homes.

'We have already seen the eviction scandal play out over the last few weeks in Glasgow, and sadly Giorgi and his grandmother were liable to be evicted from their property,' said Mr Sweeney, according to the Evening Times.

"So after intervention by my office, we have been successful in ensuring the housing association is going to offer them a permanent tenancy.'

Earlier this year, Giorgi and his grandmother successfully fought off deportation to their native Georgia after Mr Sweeney spoke on their behalf in the House of Commons.

They have also been closely supported by Church of Scotland minister Brian Casey, whose petition to keep Giorgi in Scotland has drawn over 80,000 signatures in support.

Rev Casey said: 'Giorgi and his gran were very confused, upset and anxious when they were told they had to leave their home.

'There are no guarantees that they would find somewhere else to live close by and moving to another part of Glasgow would disrupt Giorgi's education and home life.

'So I am absolutely over the moon that ng homes have joined us to try and give him a childhood by allowing him to stay in his home, surrounded by things that remind him of his mum.'

Giorgi was facing deportation after his mother, Sopio, died in February following a long period of illness. Sopio fled from Georgia with her son seven years ago after finding out that her husband allegedly owed money to gangsters.

She was waiting for a decision on her appeal for asylum in the UK at the time of her death. Her mother, Ket Baikhadze, is now the legal guardian of Giorgi and has been given leave to remain in Scotland for the next two-and-a-half years.

Giorgi's leave to remain has been extended until just before he turns 18, and Rev. Casey is continuing his campaign to allow Giorgi to remain in Scotland permanently.

His petition states: 'Giorgi is, to all intents and purposes, Scottish and is doing well at his primary school. If he was returned to Georgia against his will, he would be under threat.

'Please help us to keep Giorgi in Glasgow. This is the only home he has ever known and he is proud to be from Springburn and Glasgow. His schooling would be disrupted and his life would be at risk in Georgia.'

Source: Christian Today

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