Ozzy Osbourne 'paid some very nice compliments' to Ken Ham's Ark Encounter, staff member says

The Ark Encounter appears in a screen capture of a promotional video. | YouTube/Ark Encounter

Rock legend Ozzy Osbourne reportedly paid "some very nice compliments" to Ken Ham's Ark Encounter when he and his son, Jack, paid a visit to the theme park in Kentucky.

The father and son team visited the creationist theme park as part of their TV show "Ozzy and Jack's World Detour," which airs on the A&E Channel.

Earlier this year, the show's producers had inquired about filming at the Ark Encounter, and the management at the theme park agreed after they were assured that the segment would not turn into a hit piece.

Ark Encounter staff member Mark Looy recently shared some details about the Osbournes' visit at the theme park with the local newspaper Grant County News. Looy's comments were also featured in an article published on the Answers in Genesis website.

"Ozzy and Jack paid some very nice compliments about the massive ship. On the TV program that aired, you can hear them saying things like, 'Wow, wow, VERY wow.' And 'that is insanely big.' Plus, 'absolutely unbelievable,'" Looy said.

"As they walked in and around the Ark, the Osbournes were very polite in their interactions with our staff. Our employees, though, did not seek a lot of contact with them for they did not want to get in the way of their cameras," he added.

Looy said that the management did not have any hesitation about the visit, as they wanted them to be exposed to "our Bible-based teachings, including the gospel message." However, Looy still urged caution to viewers when the segment was about to be aired due to the rock star's frequent use of profanity.

He noted that although there had been some "cringe-worthy" moments in the segment, the Ark Encounter staff were happy to have hosted the Osbournes, and they were excited about the national TV exposure that the theme park received.

As part of the show, the Osbournes had visited places such as the Stonehenge in England, the Alamo in Texas, and Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota. According to Looy, the duo visited the Ark Encounter in April and the segment aired nationwide on A&E on Nov. 29.

When Answers in Genesis founder Ken Ham shared the news of the Osbournes' visit on Facebook, some fans expressed their appreciation for allowing them to tour the theme park.

"Thank you for sharing the gospel with them. Many would have turned them away based solely on their reputation instead of their need for a Savior," one person commented.

Looy noted that other well-known people have also paid a visit to the Ark Encounter, including former President Jimmy Carter, Bill Nye "the Science Guy," and International Space Station commander Barry Wilmore.