PlayStation 4 free games for December 2016 list rumors: Will demo of 'Gravity Rush 2' be included?

Defeating monsters is all about spelling one's words right. The remastered version of "Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey" is available for download in November for PS Vita and PlayStation 4. | YouTube/PlayStation

December is coming closer and PlayStation console users are already expecting the next set of free games that will be released by PlayStation Plus. There are predictions that AAA kind of games may possibly be included in the list of free games for December. Meanwhile, PlayStation Plus can still enjoy the free games that were launched back in November.

Before November ends, PlayStation Plus subscribers can still enjoy the free games that were released this month. The games that are part of the list for this month are "Everybody's Gone to Rapture" and "The Deadly Tower of Monsters" for PlayStation 4. As for PlayStation 3, "Dirt 3" and "Costume Quest 2" are the free games for that console while PlayStation Vita has "Letter Quest Remastered" and "Pumped BMX+."

It was mentioned in reports that there is a possibility that "Wolfenstein: The New Order" will be included as a PlayStation Plus free game for December. The title has been developed by Bethesda which is also the developer of "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" and "Fallout 4." Its gameplay is first person shooting and it can also compete with other big franchises such as "Titanfall" or "Call of Duty."

Another anticipated game that will be part of the December list is "Saints Row 4." It has been released back in 2013 and a lot of fans are already demanding it to be released as a free game. There is a high chance that It might be released this coming December since its predecessor, "Gat Out of Hell" was part of the July line-up this year.

There are also suggestions that the demo of "Gravity Rush 2" might make the cut since it will soon be launched next year. At the same time, it will be a good way to market the upcoming game. Instead of releasing the demo, PlayStation Plus may just opt to release the remastered version of "Gravity Rush" instead.

There is still no confirmation from PlayStation Plus regarding the free games for the month of December since there are no official announcements about it yet.