Ray Comfort's 'The Atheist Delusion' movie to premiere at Ark Encounter in October

"The Atheist Delusion" will be screened to a private audience and streamed live on Oct. 22 from the newly opened theme park Ark Encounter in Northern Kentucky.

The movie is produced by the evangelist Ray Comfort, who is also known for producing movies such as "Audacity," "180" and "Evolution vs. God."

Ray Comfort interviewing Lawrence Krauss in the film "The Atheist Delusion" | Screen capture/Youtube/Living Waters

"From the start, we were concerned that people wouldn't take seriously a movie that 'destroys atheism with one scientific question,'" Comfort said to The Christian Post. "But it does exactly that by scientifically confirming the existence of God. Having a respected, scientifically based organization like Answers in Genesis being willing to premiere it is such an honor," he added.

The movie is already available for viewing through a paid download but it will be released on Youtube for free after its premiere.

Comfort admitted that the movie is not likely to change the minds of hardened atheists.

"But countless others, tempted to believe the ridiculous lie of atheism, are open-minded, and will be convinced by seeing the irrefutable proof for the existence of God," he said.

Comfort encourages Christians to host the live-streaming event in their churches or homes. He thinks that the movie will equip and inspire even the seasoned believers.

The film also features an interview with theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss, an avowed anti-theist.

The movie already has already garnered endorsements from prominent Christian personalities such as actor Kevin Sorbo, reality TV host Jason Benham, World Net Daily founder Joseph Farah, Louisiana Sen. Ryan Gatti, best-selling author Eric Ludy and Fox News contributor Sandy Rios.

Matt Barber, the founder and editor-in-chief of BarbWire.com, stated that the film presented the most "persuasive and captivating answer to atheist questions." He finds that believers and non-believers alike will be moved by the film.

Comfort will be hosting the live event at the Ark Encounter with Answers in Genesis CEO Ken Ham. The live stream can be viewed on the film's official website on Oct. 22 at 8 p.m EDT.