RetroEngine Sigma release date, specs news 2016: Crowd-funded retro gaming device can emulate 28 different consoles

A screenshot of the RetroEngine Sigma from its promotional video. | Vimeo/Doyodo

The Nintendo NES Classic is considered a hot-selling product this holiday season, and many stores are having a hard time keeping up with the high demand. However, it looks like it will be facing some tough competition in the retro gaming world with the upcoming release of the crowd-funded console RetroEngine Sigma by Doyodo.

According to Doyodo's crowd-funding campaign at Indiegogo, the RetroEngine Sigma is a simple plug-and-play console that requires no special expertise or experience to set up. The system will be incorporated with several pre-installed games that will work out of the box. The games can also be controlled via players' mobile devices. Doyodo also boasts of the Sigma as both a living room computer and a powerful media center.

As reported by BGR, the RetroEngine Sigma console is about the same size as the NES Classic (palm-sized), and it is capable of supporting as many as 28 distinct classic gaming consoles in contrast to the limits of what the NES Classic has to offer.

The RetroEngine Sigma reportedly can emulate different game titles from big game systems, such as the Super Nintendo, PlayStation, Nintendo 64, and Sega Game Gear, to lesser known systems such as the NeoGeo Pocket Color and the Atari Lynx. Capable of accommodating many console systems, the total amount of compatible games that the upcoming console can accommodate reaches up to the thousands.

Supporters of the console were able to purchase the Early Bird set with a pre-installed 16 GB MicroSD card for as low as $49, exclusive of shipping fees. However, at present, only the Speedy Backer 16 GB set is featured on Indiegogo, priced a little higher at $59.

With the console having exceeded its funding goal of $20,000, those who funded and backed its development are scheduled to receive their respective units in April 2017. At present, the RetroEngine Sigma is still being developed by Doyodo.