Rick Warren: The USA, Microsoft, Hollywood, all will not last forever

Pastor Rick Warren declared only two things that would last forever and Microsoft, Hollywood, and United States of America are not any of those things.

The world-renowned evangelical leader and best-selling author glorified God and God's kingdom when he wrote an article for his website Friday, July 1.

A screengrab from a video of Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church delivering a sermon about trust. | YOUTUBE / Pastor Rick Warren

"A thousand years from today, if there's still earth here, there won't be a Microsoft," wrote Warren.

He continued, "There won't be a Hollywood a thousand years from today. There won't be a United States of America, because no earthly kingdom lasts forever. There won't be all of the things we think are so great."

Upon making his seeming forecast, Warren drove home his point to emphasize how much people needed to be part of God's family. Not only is this a way to glorify God, said Warren, but this family is the only thing that's going to survive forever.

"There are only two things that are going to last forever: God's Word and God's people," declared the senior pastor of Saddleback Church.

He then encouraged people to be part of a local church where they can belong to a spiritual family. He emphasized that a local church needs to be an instrument to love and help a person grow in the search for biblical truth and wisdom. He also said this should be an avenue to give back and share one's talents.

He believes joining the Church is much more than a career or a hobby because it all drives down to making a difference such as changing people's lives.

"I make no apology in saying to you that maybe joining a spiritual family will be the most significant thing you do with your life," said Warren.

The author of "The Purpose Driven Life" just finished a three-day Purpose Driven Conference held on June 28-30 at the Lake Forest, California campus of Saddleback Church, where he aimed to share his 36 years of experience as church planter in Saddleback.