'The Elder Scrolls 6' release date rumors, updates: Game launch in 2017?

Latest reports suggest that Bethesda's much awaited new game title, "The Elder Scrolls 6," will not be released until next year. There are speculations that the game developer company is going to launch the latest addition to the "Elder Scrolls" game franchise as early as this year, with a possible appearance of the game during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2016.

"Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim," the predecessor of the much-awaited "Elder Scrolls 6" | CD Projekt Red

Game N Guide reported that the latest "Elder Scrolls" video game will be released in 2017, contrary to earlier reports that Bethesda will be able to proceed with the game's launching this year. It is however expected that the game studio is currently working on their forthcoming game project, and fans would only need to wait a few more months before "The Elder Scrolls 6" arrives in the market.

Although the release of the new "Elder Scrolls" game can be expected next year, there is also a possibility that the release may be postponed further into 2019, as reported by the same publication. It can be noted that Bethesda usually releases a new entry in a franchise after every four years.

The news website Yibada noted the possible new titles for the latest "Elder Scrolls" video game. There are speculations that "The Elder Scrolls 6" will be a continuation of the fifth game called "Skyrim." Therefore, the fans can expect that the new game will be known as "Skyrim 2" where the game setting will still revolve around the kingdom of the same name. However, there is still a debate whether Bethesda will be moving on to the next chapter, with other possible titles such as "Redguard" and "Argonia."

Meanwhile, there are also rumors that "The Elder Scrolls 6" will have the same settlement setting as "Fallout 4." According to Neurogadget, the setting of the latest "Fallout 4" DLC content pack called the "Wasteland Workshop" may be applicable to "The Elder Scrolls 6." However, some fans have issues regarding the inclusion of this setting to the game, given that the settlement buildings and workshop featured in "Fallout 4" are so complex that players tend to spend more time modifying their wasteland settlement.