'The Originals' season 4 spoilers news: Rebekah, Davina back? Stars talk possible return

After the season 3 finale where the Mikaelsons were defeated by Marcel — Klaus in a coma-like state and entombed and the rest of the Mikaelsons in a sort of dreamscape — fans are even more excited about the upcoming season 4 of "The Originals." The question of whether Hayley will be able to find a way to revive the Mikaelson siblings with the help of baby Hope dominates the speculations among the avid followers of the show.

"The Originals" season 4 will premiere in January 2017 | Facebook/The Originals

With this in mind, many enthusiasts are looking forward to the return of their favorite Mikaelsons, Davina and Rebekah, played by actresses Danielle Campbell and Claire Holt, respectively. Although unconfirmed at this early junction, reports have it that Campbell and Holt may be back on the show in its much-anticipated third run.

Holt has expressed her willingness and enthusiasm to be back on the show, saying that provided her plans go according to expectation, Rebekah may be back. Her character had been left with an opening for a possible return at the conclusion of the show's previous season, so it may be a good indication that Rebekah may indeed appear in season 4.

Despite her tight schedule with another series, "Aquarius," she indicated that she would still be willing to go back on "The Originals." Holt mentioned that she had always gone back each season anyway and confirmed that she has spoken to the show's producers. So the actress herself is keeping an open mind about the possibility, as are her fans.

In the meantime, Campbell does not sound as positive about Davina's return next season.

She told TV Line, "It's hard to say for sure."

She said that the writers as well as the show's producers are still going to figure out the different storylines once production for "The Originals" season 4 gets back on.

"A lot of it depends on story arcs and availability down the line, but I think it's going to be up in the air," the actress explained.

The next few months will be significant, she said, in finding out whether her character will go forward for the next season. "But never say never!" she added.

"The Originals" season 4 premieres in January 2017.