Together 2016: Tim Tebow urges millennials to 'love every person you meet'

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow prays near the end zone prior to their NFL football game against the Chicago Bears in Denver in this December 11, 2011 file photo. | REUTERS/Rick Wilking/Files

Christian athlete Tim Tebow has challenged Christians to change the world by loving Jesus and every single person they come in contact with.

The 28-year-old college football analyst and former quarterback of Denver Broncos spoke to thousands of young people gathered during "Together 2016" event at National Mall in Washington D.C. Saturday, July 16 to unite together in celebrating that "Jesus changes everything."

"I am going to challenge you to love every single person in your life," the football star told the crowd. "I am going to challenge you to love your husband, your wife, to love your kids, to love your families, to love your communities, to love your neighbors, to love every single person you come in contact with."

Tebow said that if only everyone present at the gathering would take him on his challenge, then it would already be enough to change communities, neighborhoods and even "the Kingdom of God."

Aside from loving every person, Tebow also urged the crowd to love Jesus. The outspoken Christian and philanthropist, who is well-known for delivering inspiring speeches at school graduations and even set up the Tim Tebow Foundation to help children across the globe, simplified a Christian's task as "loving Jesus and loving people."

"He loves you so much that He died for you," Tebow said about Jesus. "If you were the only person on this Earth, He would have died for just you. That is how much He loves you."

The former Heisman Trophy winner also recounted a personal incident when he determined how he wanted to live his life. He shared he wanted to make his Maker proud when they finally meet up.

Fresh from his trip to the Philippines where he planted his Tebow CURE hospital years ago, Tebow said that he's able to make a difference by helping children through his foundation. He also denied rumors he'll be speaking for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention.