Common Car Cleaning Mistakes That You Should Avoid If You Care About Your Car

(Unsplash/Marc Kleen)

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For some, cleaning cars is a chore while for others it is a pleasurable exercise. Regardless of what your personal bent of mind is, your car is bound to get dirty and collect grime so you need to clean it to keep it shiny and new. However, there are quite a few mistakes that people tend to make regarding car cleaning. Follow these tips to keep your car clean and save on maintenance:

Washing Your Car in Direct Sunlight

Experts do not recommend washing cars in direct sunlight for two good reasons. One is that the reflections are more dazzling and make it difficult to spot the grime and the dirt and the second reason is that the water dries up very fast on the heated up car body and leaves behind unsightly spots making your car look really awful even though you spent a lot of time and effort cleaning it. The best way is to clean the car in the shade or in the early morning or late evening when the heat is less.

Getting Your Car Cleaned In the Car Wash

A car wash may well be an easy way to wash a car for people who could not be bothered about cleaning their cars themselves; however, most people do not realize that taking your car to the car wash will end up spoiling the paintwork as the dirty brushes scratch it. In addition, the high-pressure jets that are used to clean the car end up making the car look dull as the water often contains abrasive particles that are added to help clean the car better. With more than two billion cars being washed this way every year (https://www.carwash.org/for-operators/industry-information), there's an awful lot of car being damaged.

Dry Cleaning Your Car

You should never try to remove dirt and grime from the surface of the car using a dry cloth, irrespective of the type of dirt that has accumulated. Always use water to soften the dirt; otherwise, you will end up scratching the paintwork. If you are spot cleaning, then try using one of the many commercially available car cleaners that you can spritz over the dirty area and use a cloth to remove the dirt gently.

Using Home Detergents

While the paint on your car has been built tough, it does need a little pampering to keep it looking glossy and clean. Using a dish wash detergent or even a detergent meant for washing clothes is a big no for washing the car as these are very strong and strip the wax off the paint. With repeated use, even the top coat of the car paint can be worn away leaving the car paint exposed to the elements and increasing the chances of corrosion.


The golden rule of cleaning cars is to maintain very high cleanliness. You should always use two buckets, one with the soap water, and the other with clean water for rinsing the washcloth periodically. Start with the roof and clean downwards so that the dirt and debris can be washed away.