Reasons why your pet dog can be your friend for life

(Unsplash/Jamie Street)

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Dog lovers are all over the place doing their share of PDA (Public Display of Affection). And do you often wonder why they are so attached to their little pups and grown-up husky dogs? The answer is simple. A pet dog has the potential to be a protector and also a best friend. With dopey eyes and their playful movements, they can indeed be a companion that you would never want to lose.

Not convinced? Here are some of the reasons as to why a pet dog can be a loving companion for a lifetime.

Little pups are fun and cute to look at

And that's an undeniable attraction for both men and women! No one can resist the sweet, adorable look of a baby pup. It can be a pug or a golden retriever. Little pet dogs are a ball of cuteness. A look at their round, innocent eyes will make you forget all your tension and worries. And you would love to take care of them when they are a little pup. From brushing their coat to cleaning their ears, carefully trimming nails and bathing them and preparing their food – everything seems soul-engaging! It gives you happiness and delight. And if you silently look at your little pet pup, you'll see he/she loves it too and quietly acknowledged it through careless nudges.

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You can never question a dog's instinct

If you thought that 6th sense is a human quality, you need to check out a dog's gut feeling. It's razor sharp. And this instinct is not only active when it senses something scary, ominous or dangerous but also when you're emotionally down. Ask any dog lover and owner, if their pets can sense their emotion scale. You'll be surprised to learn that majority of them would answer them in affirmative.

Surely, your pet dog can't console you like a human. But you will it seated somewhere close to you as you are upset. Its beautiful non-verbal bond dogs have with their owners. It's soulful and timeless.

Playing with your pet dog releases happy hormones

Someone said it correct that happiness is a state of mind. And as you play with your pet dog, you can experience a rush of happy hormones oozing out. Dogs are playful and vibrant creatures. They love to play, socialize and be amidst people. Also, being intelligent they pick up the clues and signs you give them. So, you might as well enjoy an outdoor session of Frisbee or basketball with your pet dog.

Nothing replaces dog cuddle

They say that cuddle a dog and you'll be happy. It's true! Dogs love to delight and please others. They like to show affection in their cute and adorable ways. So when you cuddle your pet dog after a long day's work, you feel energized than ever before. Also, dog cuddles are addictive.

Bringing home a pet dog will open a world of new found joy. You can only experience this bliss and euphoria by bringing home your pet-dog. Are you nervous whether you'll be able to take care of your pet dog? Every first-time dog owner has this nervousness. Go ahead and choose the pet dog of your choice.