Abortion is a sin, says Hollywood actor Jeremy Irons

Actor Jeremy Irons smiles during a photocall to promote the movie ''Night Train to Lisbon'' at the 63rd Berlinale International Film Festival in Berlin February 13, 2013. | REUTERS / Tobias Schwarz

"Batman" star Jeremy Irons has slammed abortion and said the Catholic Church is right to say that it is a sin.

In an interview, Irons went against the usual celebrity liberal trend of defending abortion giant Planned Parenthood. He spoke out against abortion and said it harms a woman's physical and mental aspect, and he praised the Catholic Church for clearly labeling it as a sin, Life News reports.

"I think the church is right to say [abortion's] a sin. Abortion harms a woman – it's a tremendous mental attack, and physical, sometimes," Irons told the Guardian in an interview. "But we seem to get that muddled. In a way, thank God the Catholic church does say we won't allow it, because otherwise nobody's saying that it's a sin."

However, Irons also said he believes women should be allowed to decide in matters regarding abortion, the Catholic News Agency adds.

Irons' statement against abortion did also draw the ire of a number of pro-choice advocates.

Aside from airing his views on abortion, Irons also voiced out his opinion on easy divorce. The actor, who has been married twice and has two sons, highlighted the value of marriage, saying it gives people strength to raise a family. The difficulty of getting out of marriage makes people fight harder to stay married. So, if divorce becomes very easy, as the case is at present, then people do not have that "backup" strength, said Irons.

For Irons, society is built on Christian values, so destroying that structure will muddle things. He then delved into the topic of adultery and said it messes up one's life and the whole societal structure.

Irons, 67, admitted that he does not go to church regularly, but he said his family is Catholic, and he has been described as a "practicing Catholic."