Duggar family news: Anna Duggar still has high hopes for her marriage to Josh

Anna Duggar is full of hope for her marriage with ex-reality TV star Josh Duggar and said she is happy that her husband has started to make the right choices.

File picture of Josh Duggar, Executive Director of the Family Research Council Action, speaks at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa August 9, 2014. | Reuters/Brian Frank

According to reports, Anna remains positive despite the sex scandals Josh was embroiled in. "Personally, I have a lot of hope for our marriage, and so as I see Josh taking steps to do what's right, it brings a lot of joy and helps heal the pain that we walked through," she said.

She added that they are rebuilding their relationship together alongside their children, and are taking each day as it comes.

Last May, the couple sought the services of a professional marriage and family counselor at the end of Josh's rehab program. This is part of the steps they are taking to heal their relationship.

Anna remained a loyal ally to her husband and a devoted Christian wife despite being encouraged by people to seek a divorce.

On the Duggar family website, the couple wrote about the professional help they were receiving and openly admitted the difficulty involved in the process. They also said that they had a long way to go in rebuilding their marriage.

Josh's first scandal came out in May 2015. Police documents reported that Josh molested his younger sisters years ago when he was around 14 years old. The whole Duggar family defended him, including Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald, whom he allegedly molested.

The second scandal came later that summer when Ashley Madison, a website that encourages and looks to facilitate infidelity, was hacked and accounts of its members were publicly exposed. It was revealed that one of the accounts was owned by Josh.

Josh admitted that he cheated on his wife and that he was addicted to porn. The news shook the couple's marriage and shocked the entire family. He consequently checked himself into a faith-based rehab facility called Reformers Unanimous. He left early this year after spending six months in the rehabilitation center.

Anna shared their marriage updates when she appeared in the "Counting On" season 2 premiere on TLC last Tuesday. During the premiere, Jessa's pregnancy and Jinger's engagement to Jeremy Vuolo were also announced.