Casting Crown's Mark Hall overcomes cancer with a miracle from God

The lead singer of the popular Christian band Casting Crowns experienced a test of faith when he was diagnosed with cancer.

Mark Hall spoke out about his experience in "The Church Boys" podcast. "It was definitely out of nowhere. I went to the doctor to be checked for acid reflux. He was just doing a scan to see if I had ulcers or anything else going on down there, and then, on accident, saw a tumor in my kidney," Hall said.

Casting Crowns is shown in this official website photo. | (Casting Crowns official website photo)

At that time, the tumor was still fully encased but had the potential to grow aggressively because the cancer was a nuclear level 3 cell type.

Serving as the full-time pastor of Eagle's Landing Baptist Church and leading a well-known Christian band such as Casting Crowns, Hall's cancer diagnosis threw him off balance. Hall admitted that he was shaken by the news that day and went through various emotions of doubt, fear and worry.

"When you're the youth pastor, you're the guy who helps everybody else through their storm. And now, suddenly, I'm in the middle of my own," said Hall. "It was definitely a shock," he added.

But the questions and emotions that bombarded him were kept at bay by the solid faith that was rooted deep inside him. Hall said the experience made him realize that God stayed true to Hall and that pulled the singer through this difficult time.

It took Hall two and a half months to recover after the doctors removed his kidney and the cancer was contained. The Christian singer and his family believed that God intervened at the right time and called it a miracle.

Right now, Hall's schedule is back to normal. Casting Crowns is busy preparing for the launch of a new album entitled, "The Very Next Thing." It will be released on Friday, Sept. 16.

The singer has high hopes that his story will inspire others to trust in God. "I just want people to know that God is who He says He is and that we can trust Him and we can follow Him from where we are," said Hall.