Christian groups in Ghana call for Electoral Commission to follow Supreme Court ruling to clean voter's register

Two Christian groups in Ghana are urging the Electoral Commission to implement the ruling by the Supreme Court regarding the voter's register. This is to make certain that it is cleaned prior to the November polls.

People prepare to vote at a polling station during presidential elections in Accra in this file photo taken on December 7, 2012. | REUTERS/STRINGER

In a communique issued after a meeting in Accra, the Christian Council of Ghana and the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council said that the EC needs to clean the list and get rid of names of people who registered using their National Health and Insurance cards.

"So far as the EC has not given us any impression to believe that it doesn't understand the Supreme Court's ruling, it has to implement it," said CCG general secretary Rev. Dr Opuni Frimpong, according to Ghana Web. "If the EC understands what the Supreme Court has asked it to do then as the ruling said immediately, it has to do so."

The ruling issued by the Supreme Court in May says that the EC needs to delete the names of persons not qualified to be included in the voter's register and to give them another opportunity to register using means that are considered lawful.

According to Graphic Online, the communique, signed by GPCC chairman Apostle Dr Opoku Onyina and CCG chairman Rev. Dr Ernest Adu Gyamfi also says that the groups are worried because of the opinions held by some political parties with regard to some of EC's decision, i.e., the National Democratic Congress seems to almost always support EC decisions while the New Patriotic Party seems to be almost always opposed to the them. The Christian groups reminded the electoral body to ensure of an election that is free, fair, transparent, and credible.

Ex-President John Agyekum Kofour, meanwhile, called for all faith groups to participate in the upcoming elections, saying that it is everyone's civic responsibility to vote, regardless of religious background.

According to another report by Ghana Web, a representative delivered the speech in behalf of Kofour during the 40th anniversary of the Akosombo Anglican Church of Resurrection at Akosombo.

The Ghana General Elections 2016 will take place on Nov. 7, wherein a new president and members of parliament will be elected.