Rapper DMX finds God after life of sin, feels calling to become a pastor

Rapper DMX holds up his award after being named Male Entertainer of the Year at the 14th annual Soul Train Music Awards March 4, 2016. | Reuters/Gary Hershorn

Best-selling hardcore rapper DMX believes he has been called to be a pastor despite his controversial life of drugs, women and sin. A video of him preaching in Phoenix, Arizona could indicate that his dream is one step closer to becoming reality.

The video posted on BET Gospel's Facebook page showed DMX, Earl Simmons in real life, on the pulpit talking about how he found God in the midst of tragedies.

"If there's not a difficult situation, if there's not a situation where you can't see you possibly getting through on your own then where's the potential for the miracle? It's not that God made these things happen but what I'm saying is that He allowed those things to happen, just so you know what He's willing to do for you," the Christian rapper said in the video.

Simmons admitted that the devil keeps trying to deceive him but he acknowledges that these difficulties are part and parcel of Christian life.

He shared that if he doesn't pose as a threat to the devil, the devil would not waste time with him. And if he is not special to God, how would he know what God was willing to do for him? He answered this question by quoting a passage from the Bible: "All things are possible through Christ who strengthens."

The rapper also talked about how he responds to tough situations. "On a daily basis, if it gets rough. I praise God. It goes wrong, I praise God. It goes left, I praise God. I praise God because there's nothing that He can't get me through. So I thank Him for every opportunity that is presented for me to see what He's willing to do for me," he said.

Simmons urged the audience to embrace difficult times, adding that this is when God's work can be clearly felt in their lives.

During his interview in the popular radio show "The Breakfast Club," Simmons revealed that God allowed his musical career to create a platform for him to gain attention and credibility. He believes that when he becomes a pastor, he will gain even more fans.

Simmons, who was ordained as a deacon, knows that the journey to becoming a pastor will not be easy. "I still might have some bumps to go over but at the end of the day I know who's going to get the victory," he said.