Easter disappearing from UK Easter eggs

Colourful hand-painted Easter eggs are displayed before German pensioners Christa and Volker Kraft decorate an apple tree with them in the garden of their summerhouse, in the eastern German town of Saalfeld, March 19, 2014. | REUTERS / Fabrizio Bensch / Reuters

Easter seems to be disappearing from a number of Easter eggs being sold in the UK today, and some brands have opted to simply label their products as "chocolate egg" to completely avoid the word "Easter".

Although Easter is the most important Christian festival celebrated every year, its essence is quietly disappearing in some brands of Easter eggs in the UK. An exception to this is fair trade chocolate product Real Easter Egg, which features Christian messages on its label and uses its profit for charity, according to Telegraph.

The Meaningful Chocolate Company, the maker of Real Easter Egg, features references to the Easter story and even nativity scenes on its product labels. The Manchester-based firm was founded by David Marshall six years ago as part of an effort to reintroduce Easter-themed eggs to the market.

However, Marshall said there is a new trend in which brands are dropping the religious aspects from their product to attract more customers.

Other known brands of Easter eggs have dropped the "Easter" from its label and replaced it with Easter bunnies and other increasingly secular branding themes. One example is the Cadbury Easter Egg Trail Pack, which now bears the label "Egg Hunt Pack," the report details.

Nestle's Easter Egg products follow the same trend. The 2016 version of Quality Street Easter egg is now described as "Large Milk Chocolate Egg with Quality Street inside." Milkybar Easter Egg is simply labeled as "Milkybar White Chocolate Egg."

Meanwhile, a Nestle spokesperson denied any deliberate decision to scrap Easter out of its eggs. He said their customers would automatically link their chocolate eggs with Easter even if the word was not mentioned on its labels.

Easter, which falls on Mar. 27 this year, is a Christian celebration commemorating Jesus Christ's death and resurrection. The event is important because it is the basis of the Christian faith, as it proves that Jesus conquered sin and death.

Easter eggs symbolize the new life that Christians have, since the festival also coincides with spring. It also signifies the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday.