'God's Club' star Stephen Baldwin to start Bible study for lost millenials in NYC

Actor Stephen Baldwin (C), arrives with his attorneys Timothy Madden (L) and Leo Palazzo at the New Orleans Federal Court House in New Orleans, June 4, 2012. | REUTERS / Sean Gardner

"God's Club" star Stephen Baldwin is linking up with a church in New York City and will begin a Bible study for young people in the city who are "lost or depressed."

During the promotion of the DVD for the movie "God's Club," Stephen Baldwin announced his plan to minister to the lost millenials in NYC through Bible studies. In a conversation with The Christian Post, the actor conveyed his desire to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the young people in the city.

Baldwin recalled how he visited churches that focus on NYC youth but still felt a void in his heart. Although the hip churches are instrumental in the practical teaching of the Bible, he said he wants to reveal the whole truth to the millenials, including Jesus Christ's message of repentance and forgiveness.

"I just found in my heart that what young people are seeking more than ever is to be challenged with an authentic encounter and experience with truth," Baldwin told the Post. "That's what I believe young people are looking for."

The "God's Club" star also explained that Christians have to go through both good and bad times. God allows difficult trials so that people can learn important lessons, said Baldwin, and it is only through these difficult challenges that one can truly grasp the true message of the gospel and understand that only God can help them through the bad times.

"God's Club" is Baldwin's 10th faith-based movie. The film focuses on the issue of religion and the right to establish Christian clubs in school. The story revolves around his character Michael Evans, a public high school teacher who has some difficulty reviving a Bible Club at school.

In the film, Evan decides to re-launch the Bible Club, his late-wife's brainchild, after she dies. However, some parents of the students oppose the plan, fearing that their children will be indoctrinated. His decision to stick with the plan eventually affects his career, his relationship with his daughter, and even his faith.

"God's Club" starring Stephen Baldwin was released on DVD on Mar. 1. The actor is currently working on a new film titled "Youth Group."