Having Marriage Problems? Here Are 4 Valuable Benefits of Christian Marriage Counseling

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Marriage is God's idea, and it is His will that your marriage be fulfilling and fruitful in every way. However, life happens, and there are many hurdles along the path of your marriage that may cause you to get to a place where you need a third party to help you see things more clearly. This is where counselling comes in, and not just any counselling, but specifically Christian counselling. It's easy to find a Christian marriage counselor in your location. Simply search online for Christian marriage counseling in my area and you will get several options to choose from.

According to the American Psychological Association, the divorce rate in America is between 40 and 50%. These percentages can be greatly reduced by seeking the services of a Christian marriage counselor at an early stage when you begin to see the waves of destruction beat against your marriage. There are several benefits of having a Christian counsellor as opposed to a secular one. Some of these are mentioned below:

  1. A Christian counselor will invite the presence of the mastermind who came up with marriage, and that is God Himself. Indeed, this will make the session more productive because there will be an openness to hear God's wisdom concerning your issues. You will be pleasantly surprised to discover that some godly wisdom will give you simple solutions to your conflicts. However, with a secular counselor, it may be difficult to get to the root of the issues because they tend rely on human wisdom which is grossly limited.
  2. You may discover some things about yourself or your spouse that have never come out in the course of your marriage. This is because a Christian counselor will focus on being truthful and honest. Transparency in marriage has been known to be a major pillar that holds couples together. This is in contrast to a secular counselor who may not encourage total honesty.
  3. A Christian counselor's approach will have the wonderful result of helping you to have a deeper relationship with God. This is because the emphasis is that God should the center of everything, including your own life. Everything else, including your marriage, will tend to fall into place when you have this priority right. Unfortunately, the secular way is not to involve God at all, and this is usually detrimental to any marriage, especially if it is already full of strife.
  4. You will have an opportunity to confess to each other and to God. This aspect gives total freedom and opens the channels of communication in a beautiful way. This confession gives the opportunity for total forgiveness and healing. The whole aspect of forgiveness is God's idea and it has been said that a successful marriage is made up of two people who are great at forgiving. A secular counselor will not have forgiveness as a main focus because they will give you the option of divorce if you choose not to let go of your offence.