ISIS video praises gunman in Orlando shooting

The Islamic State terror group praised the shooting in Orlando, saying in a video that it was a "revenge" for Muslims and that the attacker was its "lion."

Screenshot taken from ISIS video on Orlando shooting. | Courtesy of Mirror

"Omar Mateen one of Islamic State's lions, set out to restore the glory of the Ummah and avenge the death of Muslims. He shook the head of kufr (unbeliever) America, terrorized it and shed its blood," says the video posted on Mirror. "Allah enabled him to inflict heavy casualties amongst the filthy Crusaders. He killed and injured over a hundred of them. This is the biggest raid to be carried in America after the raid of Manhattan 16 years ago. All praise to Allah."

The video of more than five minutes starts with the message "2001 The beginning of American's war on TERROR" and "2001 They THOUGHT it has come to an end." It then shows an animation of a gun, the bullet of which shoots toward the message, "Homosexuals nightclub, Orlando, Florida." It then shows blood with the message "more than 50 dead" and "more than 50 wounded."