Max Lucado reminds Christians who doubt their salvation that 'God does not let go'

Max Lucado appears in a screen capture of a video sermon about the power of prayer. | YouTube/Prestonwood Baptist Church

Pastor Max Lucado issued a strong reminder to Christians who have doubts about their salvation that Jesus made a promise that He will not let go of them.

In a daily devotional posted on his website, Lucado noted that many Christians are wondering whether they are really saved.

"Our behavior gives us reason to wonder. We're strong one day, weak the next. Devoted one hour, flagging the next. Believing, then unbelieving," said Lucado.

"Conventional wisdom draws a line through the middle of these fluctuations. Perform above this line, and enjoy God's acceptance. But dip below it, and expect a pink slip from Heaven. Salvation then becomes a matter of timing and you just hope you die on an upswing," he continued.

Lucado said that Jesus gave a very strong answer regarding the question of salvation and pointed to John 10:28, which stated: "And I give them eternal life, and they shall never lose it or perish throughout the ages ... and no one is able to snatch them out of My hand."

"God doesn't let go and He won't let go of you!" the pastor remarked.

In his devotional in April 2016, Lucado emphasized that Jesus is the only one who can provide salvation. He noted that many historians have put Christ on the same page as Muhammad, Moses, Confucius and other spiritual leaders, but the Bible states that Jesus is the only path to God.

In another devotional published in February 2015, he pointed out that there are no examples in scripture of people who gained salvation and lost it. Lucado explained that people who have no assurance of salvation cannot experience peace or joy. He encouraged his readers to put their trust in God and reminded them that God's love, faithfulness and performance does not depend on believers.

Christian blogger Matt Moore also made the same observation that many Christians struggle with the question of salvation. He stated that many believers have doubted the legitimacy of their faith as soon as they began following Christ.

Moore cautioned against seeking a mystical experience and said that the only way to dispel doubts is to grow in obedience.

He encouraged Christians to focus on Christ and continue to follow his commandments in order to be certain about their salvation.