Mike Bamiloye announces launch of Nigeria's first Christian movie channel in May

A screengrab from Sunrise's interview with Mount Zion founder and filmmaker Mike Bamiloye. | YOUTUBE / Channels Television

Gospel actor Mike Bamiloye has announced the official launch of Mount Zion TV (MZTV), the first Christian Movie Channel in Nigeria.

Mike Bamiloye made the announcement during the Drama Ministers Power Night at the Jogor Centre. The news stirred excitement among the audience, who were participating in the 70 Days Prayers and Fasting for the ministry, according to the Express.

The Christian actor recalled that they have been waiting for MZTV for a long time. Mike, together with his wife Gloria Bamiloye, are among the pioneers of Christian films in Nigeria, the report notes.

"The Mount Zion Television will launch on May 1. It is Africa's First 24 hour Christian movie Channel on CONSAT," Mike told the audience. "The lord is providing us a drama ministry, a great platform to showcase the works of God in our hands. It is a great platform to showcase the works of god in our hands."

In an interview with Naij.com, Gloria recalled her parents' reactions when they first knew of her calling to join the drama ministry. She said her parents were disappointed with her and questioned why someone would be called by God into the entertainment industry, which they considered as "worldly."

However, the lack of support from their families and the church did not hinder them from achieving their goals. After so many tries, they finally succeeded in convincing some pastors to allow them to minister in their respective churches.

One pastor in the northern part of Nigeria was reluctant at first but gave them 30 minutes to present a play which was supposed to run for one hour and 30 minutes. At the end of 30 minutes, the pastor stopped them and they began packing up, expecting that their time was up. However, the pastor told the congregation that the Lord told him that the play was no ordinary drama and urged the people to pay attention to the rest of the presentation.

After that performance, the pastor prophesied that their group would reach the remotest corners of the earth with their gospel drama. The fulfillment of the prophecy is about to come in the form of Mount Zion TV on May 1.