Nigeria's Christians need prayers after another deadly attack

Men march along the truck carrying the coffins of people killed by the Fulani herdsmen, in Makurdi, Nigeria January 11, 2018. | REUTERS/Afolabi Sotunde

Hundreds of Christians were killed in a recent attack by Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria's Plateau state.

Open Doors is providing practical support after the herdsmen killed over 200 Christians in attacks on villages around Jos.

It says around 3,000 people have been displaced after a dozen villages were razed to the ground by the militant herdsmen, who are mostly Muslim.

Churches in the area have stepped in to offer help by opening camps for the displaced people. Open Doors is supporting the churches in providing aid to the displaced Christians.

In addition to critical support, Open Doors is appealing for prayers for believers in the country, who have come under repeated attack from militant Islamists and herdsmen.

"The displaced Christians were in a pathetic situation," said Open Doors worker Kerrie, whose real name has been changed for security reasons.

"Life has become a living hell for them. They have lost loved ones, houses, and all they labored for in the twinkling of an eye.

"The agony they are going through is hard to describe. We saw people who were still in a haze over what they have just gone through.

"Children were crying hysterically, perhaps because of hunger or perhaps because of hunger and the trauma."

The relief packages include toiletries and food items.

One woman who survived the attack on her village thanked God for the help.

"I want to thank God for what happened for us. We never believed that God will keep us alive to see today. I thank God that some of us could escape, and we have now found ourselves here in this camp ... But we thank God for using Open Doors to bring help to us."