Pastor claims he resurrected woman from the dead...by sending a Facebook message, then urges Christians to dial his '24/7 Prayer Line'

Pastor David E. Taylor claimed he brought back a dead woman to life and even wiped out her diabetes as he urged Christians to call up his round-the-clock prayer line now.

The controversial pastor of Florissant, Missouri's Joshua Media Ministries International announced Thursday on his ministry's Facebook page that he commanded the woman back to life by sending a Facebook text message.

Screenshot of David Taylor on his full depositions | Apostle David Taylor official website

He accompanied his post with a photo of an unnamed elderly woman, apparently the subject of his post.

Pastor Taylor also included a message supposedly sent by the woman's daughter, who confirmed that the pastor resurrected her mom and even healed her mom's diabetes.

"Thank you sooo much Dad (Apostle Taylor), the doctors were sooo amazed for my Mom's speedy recovery, she was dead for 40 minutes but God resurrected her!!!" Pastor Taylor quoted the woman's daughter as saying in a message. "After clinical studies / they tried not to give her diabetic pill and guess what — she got healed from her diabetes as well."

The daughter reported that her mom's already scheduled to go home that day and no longer needed to be on medication again for diabetes.

Pastor Taylor then shifted his attention to his social media followers and invited those who needed to bring back to life areas in their lives which may have gone dead. These included marriage, relationship, ministry, finances, health, children and even business.

"That's Power! What do you need resurrected that is dead in your life today?" wrote the pastor.

He then urged, "Call David E. Taylor's 24/7 Prayer Line Now to Pray the Prayer of Agreement and Receive Resurrection Power into Your Life and Situations!"

The pastor was reportedly deposed in Michigan previously for allegations of financial corruption. According to Patheos, the self-proclaimed "apostle" lived in a $2.8 million mansion in St. Louis, wore a total of $30,000 designer wardrobe for the past couple of years and drove luxury cars BMW, Mercedes, Bentley and a Range Rover.