Donald Trump receives support in presidential bid from Pastor John Hagee

Controversial pastor John Hagee, who is known for declaring apocalyptic prophecies, has joined the string of church leaders who have expressed support for presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Pastor John C. Hagee of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio Texas at the U.S. Capitol on July 18, 2007 during CUFI's annual conference. 1 | Wikimedia Commons/Christians United for Israel

Appearing in a video, the megachurch pastor described who he would vote for president in November. Although he did not name his preferred candidate, it was obvious from his description that he was referring to Trump.

Hagee said he would vote for someone who will "make the U.S. military great again."

"I'm going to vote for the party that is going to solve the immigration problem, not the one that has created the immigration problem," he added.

Hagee, who has been very vocal about his support for Israel, also said he would not support the political party that has "betrayed Israel for the past seven years."

He told his audience that no candidate is perfect but urged them to go out and vote.

"May God give us a leader who has the courage to put America first and stand up for we the people," Hagee said.

Hagee's declaration of support for the real estate mogul comes at a time when many conservatives are deciding between voting for Trump or Hillary Clinton, as former Republican candidate Ted Cruz has dropped out of the race.

Trump has not received the same warm welcome from other Christian influences like the Christian Post and Southern Baptist leader Russell Moore, who have strongly expressed their opposition toward him.

Hagee has been in the ministry for more than 50 years. He is the founder and senior pastor of Cornerstone Church in Texas, which has a membership base of about 20,000. He has authored 34 books, including "Four Blood Moons" published in 2013.

In 2014, he prophesied that four blood moons are a sign that dramatic changes will happen in Israel and the Middle East and influence the rest of the world. The prophecy has not come to pass so far.