Pastor Saeed Abedini refuses marriage counseling after release from Iran

Saeed Abedini, a pastor from Idaho is pictured with Congressman Robert Pittenger at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Landstuhl, Germany, in this undated handout photo provided by Congressman Robert Pittenger, on January 20, 2016. | REUTERS / Congressman Robert Pittenger / Handout via Reuters

Pastor Saeed Abedini is reportedly refusing to undergo marriage counseling after he was released from a prison in Iran.

Naghmeh Abedini revealed in November that her husband, Pastor Saeed Abedini, had abused her. On Mar. 14, she asked her followers on Facebook to pray that her husband will finally agree to undergo marriage counseling and deal with their issues.

In a Facebook post, Naghmeh said abuse has been a major part of their life together. She said addressing the abuse will pave the way for marriage counseling and help them deal with their marital problems.

Pastor Abedini had been trying to set up house churches in Iran in 2012 when he was arrested and jailed. It was only in January this year that he was freed in a prisoner swap and was able to return to the U.S. But after he came home, Naghmeh filed domestic legal papers to have their two kids stay in Boise, Idaho.

"No one longs for reconciliation for our family more than me. I have loved Saeed more than I have ever loved any human being in my life," said Naghmeh on Facebook. "And it has been hard to stand and keep the boundaries and ask for the abuse to be addressed. This is the most loving thing I can do for my husband and children at this time."

Naghmeh said just as she relied on God's grace to have her husband set free from physical chains, she will continue to rely on His grace and pray for reconciliation in their family, Charisma News reports.

Meanwhile, Pastor Abedini posted a status on Facebook announcing a prayer walk for revival around the Idaho capital.

In his Facebook message, the Iranian-American minister said there is no revival in America because the leaders' hearts are not right. Pastor Saeed Abedini said Christians need to pray that the Holy Spirit will lead their leaders so that they can preach the gospel effectively and become a channel of revival in American churches.