Radical Islam vs Radical Christianity YouTube video maker assaulted, receives death threats

A YouTube user who claims to have been trying to exhibit the difference in people's reactions toward Muslims and Christians received not only criticism and threats but also a punch in the face.

Screenshot of Joey Salads (R) taken from the video "Terrorism, RADICAL Islam vs RADICAL Christianity (Social Experiment)." June 14, 2016. | Joey Salads

On June 13, a day after the Orlando shooting, YouTube user Joey Salads uploaded a video on his channel titled "Terrorism, RADICAL Islam vs RADICAL Christianity (Social Experiment)." It features his friend Stevie Croutons wearing a white costume akin to an Arab attire, while Salads is in normal clothing.

"He's going to act like an Islam terrorist, I'm going to be a Christian terrorist, and let's see if people act differently toward each one of us," Salads says at the beginning of the video.

It then shows a series of clips in which Croutons walks or lies in wait in public places and then drops a package in front of innocent bystanders, saying "Allahu Akbar" before running away. Croutons does the same thing but says "Praise Jesus." Many of the people in Croutons' clips appear to be surprised or even fearful, while those in Salads' simply look at the box in wonder. 

The video has so far reached more than 1.2 million views, with nearly 36,000 comments. One says that terrorism doesn't belong to a religion, while another is asking why the Christian character was not in Ku Klux Klan costume. Many are calling for the video to be taken down.

"Seems people are disliking before understanding the concept of this video," wrote Salads in the description. "This video shouldn't offend anyone, it simply opens up a dialogue to a tragedy, This video will raise questions to why certain things happen, watch the WHOLE video to understand."

DOSEofFOUSEY, another YouTube user, posted a reaction video that slams Salads'. Fousey, in part, says that people are being conditioned to associate Muslims with terrorism and associating clothing to stereotypes.    

Salads tweeted on June 14, "Massive amounts of death threats from Muslims who follow FouseyTube."

On the same day, Salads posted another video titled "IT GOT REAL, I WAS ATTACKED." It seems that his left eye is bruised.

Close to tears, he says, "I was just trying to f*** help. I thought what I was doing was gonna help to show people how people discriminate," but he was punched in the face for his effort.