Susan Sarandon: I lost faith in the Catholic Church

Actress Susan Sarandon speaks to girls at her table at a Girls Mentoring Luncheon, also attended by U.S. first lady Michelle Obama, at the Governor's Mansion in Denver, Colorado in this November 16, 2009 file photo. | REUTERS / Rick Wilking

Susan Sarandon has revealed that she struggled with her Catholic faith when she was still young and later on lost her faith in the Church.

In a conversation with Interview Magazine, Susan Sarandon recalled her journey as a Catholic and later on dropped out of the Church because she felt it let her down. For the Oscar winner, it is difficult to deal with the church's exclusivity, The Wrap reports.

In a conversation with Interview Magazine, Sarandon said she struggled with the things she learned from nuns. As she studied more about the Bible when she was enrolled at the Catholic University of America, she eventually lost her faith, the report details.

"From the very beginning, [being Catholic] sets you off in a certain direction. Later the church let me down," Sarandon told the magazine. "I always had a problem with original sin. I always had a problem with the exclusivity of the church and a lot of the things that the nuns taught me."

For Sarandon, her biggest motivation for praying when she was still a child was the fear of a Communist invasion. She lived through the peak of the Cold War and slept with rosary beads beside her, wanting the blessed Virgin to be there with her.

However, she became aware one night that her rosary beads were glowing. Terrified because of the experience, Sarandon realized that she really did not want to see the blessed Virgin.

Ironically, Sarandon played a nun in "Dead Man Walking." Her character, Sister Helen, counsels a death row inmate before he is executed.

Recently, Sarandon found herself under the political spotlight after an appearance on "All In With Chris Hayes." She told the host why she had decided to support Sen. Bernie Sanders in the 2016 presidential race, the MSNBC relays.

During the interview, Sarandon expressed her reservations on supporting Hillary Clinton, saying the former Secretary of State would not fight to have a US$15 minimum wage and that Clinton's acceptance of monetary donations from corporations was a turn-off. She said people think Clinton is a liar, and even went as far as saying that she is by no means certain to vote for Clinton in the general election if Sanders loses the primary to her.

Sarandon's statement prompted some to think that the actress would likely back Donald Trump in the upcoming election. However, she later reiterated that she would never support the real estate mogul in the U.S. presidential elections for whatever reason.