Texas pastor reunites with teenage daughter who went missing for days

David Lindow Jr. is shown in this screen capture from a video which he posted when he was seeking help in finding his then missing daughter MiKayla. | YouTube/David Lindow Jr.

The missing Texas teenage girl, whose pastor father posted several YouTube videos seeking help in finding her, was located by Texas police last Saturday and has since been safely returned to her family.

In a press release, the Cibolo Police Department announced that First Baptist Church of Universal City pastor David Lindow Jr.'s daughter MiKayla was found by the San Antonio police department. The officers thanked those who had helped in the search.

On Jan. 3, Lindow posted a YouTube video pleading for the public's assistance in locating MiKayla who had then been missing for a day. In the clip, the pastor shared that he suspected that her younger daughter had carried out a threat of leaving the Lindow home after receiving disciplinary action for "inappropriate" behavior online. He explained that he found out that his daughter had left at around 10:15 p.m. on Jan. 2, and he thought somebody aided her in running away.

"At about 10:15 last night ( last Monday), I went up to go to bed and went on to check on her and she was gone, and some of her things were gone. Apparently she has been in contact with someone that has assisted her in leaving," the pastor said in the video.

Lindow posted a few more videos thereafter until MiKayla was located by the authorities.

In a Facebook post last Sunday, the pastor thanked everyone who assisted in the safe return of his daughter, saying, "We will never know what flyer, media report, or action by law officials was the key to her return but it all worked together to bring her home."

Meanwhile, many are wondering about the circumstances around MiKayla's disappearance, whether she simply ran away as her father suspected or she was abducted, but information has been limited.

"Information must remain very limited at this time as the police investigation continues," Lindow wrote on Facebook.