UK Supreme Court Rules Bakery Was Free to Refuse Gay-Marriage Cake

Daniel and Amy McArthur of Ashers Baking Company appear in a screen capture of a video from The Christian Institute. | YouTube/The Christian Institute

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After four years of going back and forth, UK Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the couple-owned bakery that refused to make a cake supporting gay marriage. I know this may sound confusing to some of you, so let's backtrack a little bit and see where this entire incident began.

Back in 2014, Amy and Daniel McArthur, owners of the Ashers Bakery in Belfast, refused to make a cake for Gareth Lee with the slogan "support gay marriage". Mr. Gareth Lee, a supporter of the campaign aiming to legalize gay marriage in Northern Ireland, intended to take the cake to a private International Day against Homophobia event. Obviously, he wasn't happy with the McArthurs' decision to refuse his order and decided to press charges.

Here's where things get interesting. After the initial trial, the Ashers Baking Company was found guilty for refusing to make a cake on grounds of discrimination. The McArthurs were ordered to pay 500 pounds in damages plus court fees. Although the gay community thought justice was served, Ashers received worldwide support from likeminded Evangelists and Christians.

This promptly brings us to today and the most recent verdict by the Supreme Court. The five justices found the bakery did not, in fact, refuse Mr. Lee based on his sexual orientation so there was no discrimination based on those accusations alone. The relationship between the two parties did not involve any refused jobs and/or services because of religious faith. Finally, all charges against the Ashers were officially dropped.

It's case which garnered the attention the world over. The Ashers received as much support as they received criticism. The reason the court wasn't able to find them guilty is that they were simply denying Mr. Lee on the grounds of their own belief. Being Christian, they did not support the message the cake was supposed to be adorned with and had every right to refuse the request. Had they refused him simply because he's a same-sex supporter, the court would have probably swung the other way.

Although the case is officially closed, we feel like things have just started getting heated up. The gay community is still riled up and is surely not going to simply forget about this and move on. The Ashers were ordered to return the 36 pounds to Mr. Lee he paid for the cake, but he states that just made him feel like less of a human being.

Although we're strongly against discrimination, this isn't a case of clear discrimination.

The McArthurs were refusing service based on their own beliefs and something they're strongly fond of, expressive their right to freedom of speech under article 10 of the European convention of human rights.

What's your take on the matter? Do you think justice prevailed or was Mr. Lee discriminated unjustly? If you have any personal injury claims to make yourself make sure to visit Foyle Legal, for the best No Win No Fee Guarantee lawyers.