Jeremy Lin injury news 2017: Lin assures fans on Weibo Live Chat of his progress in recovering from his injury

Brooklyn Nets' point guard Jeremy Lin recently took to Weibo to answer some of his fans' burning questions and to also update the world about the progress of his recovery from his unfortunate hamstring injury.

NBA player Jeremy Lin of Los Angeles Lakers demonstrates his training during a promotional event as part of his Asia tour in Taipei, Taiwan, June 29, 2015. | Reuters/Pichi Chuang shared some of the questions and answers from the Weibo live chat Lin did with fans last week. From generic questions like "What's your favorite hairstyle?" to career-related ones like "When do you think you can return to the basketball court?" the 28-year old professional basketball player generously accommodated his fans' curiosities, and in the process, he shared the latest update on his health condition.

Lin was viewed as Brooklyn Net's key offseason signing, but the point guard has only played 12 games since joining the team, owing to a hamstring injury that keeps getting re-aggravated. After suffering the first injury on Nov. 2, only four games into the current season, Lin came back on Dec. 12 to play in seven more games before re-injuring his hamstring on Dec. 26.

Then, on Jan. 23 of this year, Nets' general manager Sean Marks announced via a press release that their new point guard is missing three to five more weeks' worth of game time after re-aggravating his strained left hamstring in the course of his rehab.

There is still no definitive time scheduled for Lin's return. When a fan on Weibo asked him about it, Lin replied, "It's really difficult to predict which day I will come back because it's been very day-to-day."

He did also assure his fans that he has been seeing favorable progress in his recovery every day. He said he's already thankful and happy enough that he can run, jump, and shoot, albeit in moderation.

He also shared that despite his injury and absence on the court, he has managed to maintain good relations with his teammates and their coach, Kenny Atkinson.

"I hope I can compete with them when I return to the court 100%," Lin said.

Brooklyn Nets has yet to release an official statement regarding Lin's return to the court.