Michael Schumacher health condition news: Family remains mum about racer's true condition as fans and colleagues continue to pay tribute

Mercedes Formula One driver Michael Schumacher of Germany addresses a news conference ahead of the weekend's Belgian F1 Grand Prix in Spa Francorchamps August 30, 2012. | Reuters/Francois Lenoir

Michael Schumacher may not have been seen in public for a while following his skiing accident in December 2013, but fans and former colleagues have been keeping his legacy alive with tributes and "get well soon" wishes. This, however, has not stopped everyone from wondering what has become of the seven-time Formula One World Champion and whether or not he will ever appear in public again.

The lack of official updates about the legendary racer's health condition has only given rise to speculations — none of which has either been proven or disproven. All Schumacher's agent, Sabine Kehm, could say about it was to respect the family's decision to implement a total media blackout in a bid to protect Schumacher's privacy.

"We are aware that this is difficult to understand for some people, but we are in perfect agreement with Michael's attitude and can only say thanks for the understanding," Kehm told Metro back in December, which was the latest update anyone has given regarding the injured racer's current condition.

However, this decision does not sit very well with Schumacher's former manager, Willi Weber, who shared via the German publication Bunte that the Schumacher family has not been telling the entire truth about the racer's true condition.

Did Weber mean that Schumacher could be better or worse than what his family has been letting on? It was not made clear in the article. Although, Weber did also say that he had always been hoping for Schumacher to call him up one of these days to ask him how he's doing like old times.

"Hope dies last," Weber added.

Meanwhile, the winner of the recently held Race of Champions (ROC) international motorsport, Sebastian Vettel, paid tribute to his former teammate and mentor by saying how Schumacher had helped him when he was just starting out and how he was able to learn a lot of what he knew from the Formula One World Champion.

"We would have loved to have him here, and our thoughts are with him," he said, as translated by Daily Star.

Whether he's getting better or getting worse, it may never be known for sure, but Schumacher's legacy will undoubtedly live on.