Michael Schumacher health condition news: Trial of case against Bunte magazine to be private

Banner in Michael Schumacher's Facebook account | Facebook/MichaelSchumacherOfficial

F1 racer Michael Schumacher is known to be out of a coma since 2014, but it seems that his condition is far from being fully recovered from the injuries caused by his skiing accident. Meanwhile, the family wants to maintain privacy regarding Michael's progress, and they are currently suing Bunte Magazine that reported information about the F1 racer.

Michael Schumacher had an accident that left him in a coma when he went on a holiday with family and close friends last December 2013 in the French Alps. The accident occurred while he was skiing, and he suffered a head injury that required him to be brought to the Grenoble Hospital for immediate neurosurgery.

More than three years later, news about Michael's condition and progress have been scarce because his family wishes to keep all information private. The only significant and concrete progress report was made back in 2014 when the F1 legend reportedly got out of his coma. Beyond that, the Schumacher family still wishes to keep updates about Michael's progress to be kept from the public and the media.

According to Daily Star, Michael Schumacher's family is currently suing Bunte, a magazine in Germany that reported alleged information about Michael's progress, for invasion of privacy.

The news that Bunte published about Michael is that he can walk again. The family lawyer, Felix Damm, denied this news.

Because of the trial, Schumacher's camp was also forced to reveal information about Michael's condition. According to Express, Damm confirmed that Michael still cannot walk, not even with the help of therapists. However, fans of the F1 racer should not expect more health updates that will come out of the lawsuit hearing as Judge Simone Kafer, the one presiding over the case,has declared that the public is excluded from the trial.

This news supports recent speculations that Michael had become paralyzed due to his skiing accident, but there is still no confirmation on whether the F1 racer did lose the function of his lower limbs.