NBA trade rumors: Ricky Rubio-Reggie Jackson trade discussed; Van Gundy says he's not trading Jackson

Detroit Pistons guard Reggie Jackson (1) and center Aron Baynes (12) close down the lane as Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James (23) passes the ball. | Reuters/Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Timberwolves used to see point guard Ricky Rubio as the franchise's savior, but he has taken a backseat in the past few seasons while younger and more athletic players like Karl-Anthony Towns, Andrew Wiggins and Zach LaVine develop into rising stars. When the Wolves drafted Kris Dunn, a lot of basketball analyst believed that Rubio's days in Minnesota were numbered. And it looks like they might be right.

ESPN's Marc Stein and Chris Haynes have reported that the Wolves and the Detroit Pistons are discussing a potential multiplayer trade that will center on Rubio and guard Reggie Jackson.

Rubio has been mentioned in trade rumors before this season, but Jackson's involvement is a little surprising to some. But the ESPN article has pointed out something a lot of basketball fans may have missed. The Pistons actually played better while Jackson was out earlier this season.

Pistons team president and coach Stan Van Gundy admitted that the Wolves have spoken with them about the potential trade, but he said he's not trading Jackson. "I'm not denying that the discussion took place — they take place all the time. But that's a lot different than consideration. And clearly we didn't make that move," he stated after the team's morning shootaround before their game against the Washington Wizards last Saturday (via ESPN).

Van Gundy said he also assured his point guard that a trade wouldn't happen. "I texted Reggie and just said, 'This is crazy season, and we're not trading you for Ricky Rubio,'" he stated. "That was it. I don't normally address it, but the fact that it was out there and it concerned his agent [Aaron Mintz] enough to call, I addressed it," he added.

Well, that's it for the rumor then. Jackson may be staying with the Pistons, but Rubio's name will continue to come up in trade rumors until the trade deadline.