'American Horror Story' Season 5 Spoilers, Plot Rumors: Clues For New Season Seen In Past Episodes

Will the next season of "American Horror Story" take place in space or on another planet like Mars? Or will it be based on "Operation Top Hat," an operation that saw the testing of chemical and biological weapons such as mustard gas and nerve gas?

The questions were posed amid rampant speculation on the location of the show's upcoming fifth season after Ryan Murphy, one of the creators of the show, stated that clues for the next season are already in the five episodes of Season 4 that have already aired.

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The space or Mars theory was driven by the song "Life on Mars," sung by Elsa Mars (Jessica Lange), and images of space that frequently appear on the show. But this theory has been dumped by Murphy who stated that the next season would be "land-bound and very much in the United States."

Murphy provided another tantalizing clue for the fans, saying that all seasons of the show are connected even though they feature different characters, storylines and often different time frames.

Fans have learned that cast members from previous seasons, notably Pepper (Naomi Grossman) in Season 2, will soon make an appearance in the show. Also another Season 2 cast member, Lily Rabe who played Sister Mary Eunice, will feature in the upcoming episodes.

As for next season's theme, a theory about that has started to emerge and it is based on a top hat. Murphy started the speculation when he noted that a top hat that appears on coffee cups is actually a clue for the fifth season.

Fans then noted the top hat had featured in many episodes and was seen on menus, in newspapers and more coffee cups. This led to the theory that the fifth season could be based on "Operation Top Hat." It could be the common thread connecting all seasons of the show.