'Battlefield 1' latest news, updates: EA, DICE to launch winter update this week

A promotional image for "Battlefield 1." | Electronic Arts, Inc.

EA and DICE have recently announced that the winter update for the video game "Battlefield 1" will arrive this week.

According to the official Twitter account of the video game, "Battlefield 1" will have another round of changes and fixes this week once the game's winter update arrives on all platforms.

"Stay tuned. The Winter update is coming," the tweet reads.

The Twitter post is accompanied by an image which indicates that the video game is scheduled to arrive sometime this week. The announcement does not offer any details about what the game's winter update will include. However, it is expected that the upcoming changes and fixes will contain what's currently available in the "Battlefield 1" Community Test Environment (CTE).

As reported by GameRant, the major update was previously confirmed in January, and it was also revealed that it would not include any new content. However, some gamers were able to get a feel of the upcoming changes at the end of January when DICE gave out CTE invites to the "Battlefield 1" gaming community. The changes are reportedly well-accepted by players, and it is anticipated that they will bring additional balance to the game.

After the winter update, the next round of new content scheduled to land on "Battlefield 1" is the forthcoming launch of the game's first set of paid DLC titled "They Shall Not Pass." The expansion is scheduled to be released next month, and it will introduce a new Frontlines game mode, a new Elite Class, a new tank and stationary weapon, and more.

CTE gamers have not yet tried out the "They Shall Not Pass" DLC. However, there are reports circulating that the Season Pass CTE members will be able to test out the upcoming expansion before its launch this coming March.

DICE has yet to confirm what specific day of this week will the forthcoming winter update be released. Once the date is set, DICE will surely reveal a full set of patch notes with information about all the planned fixes in the new update.

"Battlefield 1" is now available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Windows PC.