'Despicable Me 3' release date, plot news: Gru meets long lost twin as he struggles fighting new villain, Balthazar Blatt

Evil comes in shoulder pads. Trey Parker provides the voice of the villainous Balthazar Blatt in “Despicable Me 3.” | YouTube/Illumination

Gru may have just found his match in the upcoming 3D computer-animated movie "Despicable Me 3." But Balthazar Blatt might end up being the least of his concerns.

The third installment of the popular "Despicable Me" film series will have Steve Carell doing double roles voicing the franchise's main character Gru, and his long lost twin brother, Dru. The official synopsis for the movie states that a sibling rivalry might just break out when the two meet again after being separated for many years.

What could've caused the brothers to live apart all these years? And just what kind of a person will Dru turn out to be? And if it comes down to it, whose side will he be taking, the Anti-Villain League's or Balthazar Blatt's?

The minions will also be onboard to assist their boss in his new role as an agent for the Anti-Villain League. What kinds of mayhem will these yellow, bean-shaped creatures be cooking up this time around? And what types of destructive technological weapons will Dr. Nefario be coming up with as they team up to bring their new enemy down?

The cast and crew page on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) for "Despicable Me 3" has listed the three brave minions, Kevin, Bob, and Stuart, from the prequel movie "The Minions," as well as a rumored appearance of the notorious Evil Minions. All of them will be voiced by Pierre Coffin, who also directs the movie, with Kyle Balda and co-director Eric Guillon.

The trailer that was officially released in December last year teases an intense battle between Gru and Balthazar, wherein the former quite easily defeats the latter with a single punch to the face. But could defeating an evil guy with shoulder pads be as easy as that?

"Despicable Me 3" is scheduled to be released on June 30.