'Destiny 2' release date, latest news: Game sequel confirmed to be released in fall 2017

A promotional screenshot from "Destiny" | Bungie

Fans of the popular video game "Destiny" has been eagerly waiting for the arrival of its game sequel. Previously, rumors and speculations have surfaced online that the sequel to the first-person shooter game won't be arriving until early 2018. However, Activision has officially revealed that "Destiny 2" will debut sometime in fall 2017.

"Full Destiny sequel in 2017 to broaden the franchise's global reach, which along with follow-on content plans, sets the stage for growth," a slide presented as part of Activision's recent investor call reads.

Usually, the game's developers would prefer to delay the release date so that they could focus on adding more content and beefing up the video game's gameplay experience, so the move to stick to the targeted release date of "Destiny 2" may come as surprising. However, according to Kotaku, sources claim that Bungie is set to lose some of their stock to Activision should the independent studio fail to meet the targeted launch date this year.

At present, very little confirmed information is available about "Destiny 2". However, according to The Verge, recent rumors have suggested that Bungie might reset character progress and bring the upcoming game title to the PC.

In the meantime, with the confirmed fall 2017 release date of "Destiny 2," gaming fans expect big changes to arrive in the original "Destiny" game to usher in the arrival of its sequel. Given that the latest expansion of "Destiny" — "Rise of Iron" — is not what everyone had hoped for, many of the game's fans expect Bungie to deliver a spring update to the original game that will fuel the affinity and anticipation of the gaming community.

As to when the game sequel would be unveiled, "Destiny 2" is expected to make an appearance in June, given Bungie's track record of unveiling big games at E3.

If everything goes according to plan, "Destiny 2" will arrive sometime in fall 2017.