'Digimon World: Next Order' release date news: Bandai Namco announces game won't be on PS Vita in West after recent miscommunication

"Digimon World: Next Order" will have an early 2017 release, Bandai Namco recently confirmed. | Bandai Namco

When "Digimon World: Next Order" made its debut, there was a bit of confusion after the reveal trailer listed PlayStation 4 as the only platform for the game, considering the recent entries to the franchise that appeared on the PlayStation Vita.

To set the record straight, Bandai Namco Europe recently issued a clarification via Twitter. "Digimon fans, we want to confirm that Digimon World: Next Order will be available for PS4 only and not for PS Vita," the company confirmed last Sept. 16.

Additionally, the company also gave a full statement on the matter to avoid further confusion among anticipating fans, which reads:

"Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc. would like to correct and confirm information pertaining to platform availability and distribution methods for Digimon World: Next Order. The game will be made available to players in the Americas in early 2017 exclusively for the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system in both digital and boxed-retail versions.

Mistakes were made in our initial announcement for Digimon World: Next Order and we regret any confusion this may have caused to our fans. BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. looks forward to sharing more news and details pertaining to Digimon World: Next Order in the coming months leading to the game's early 2017 launch."

Both the digital and retail release of "Digimon World: Next Order" will feature enhanced graphics and allow better game balance. The company also plans to introduce 12 new playable Digimon characters, including MarineAngemon, IceDevimon and Boltmon.
In addition to the new characters, the game will include more than 200 Digimon and enable  players to raise, train and travel with two Digimon at once.

The game begins when players are sucked into the Digital World and discover that the Machinedramons have taken control. After being rescued by two Digimon from danger, players must fight with their Digimon partners. As the game progresses, they will be able to journey through the Digital World while they figure out the origins of the Machinedramon scourge and find a way to return home.

"Digimon World: Next Order" will be released sometime around early 2017 for PlayStation 4.