'Girl Meets World' series finale spoilers: Cory drops a final surprise 'history test' for his students

"Girl Meets World" promo still | Disney XD

As everyone gears up to say goodbye to Riley (Rowan Blanchard) and her friends in "Girl Meets World", Cory (Ben Savage) just would not let up on the kids as he surprises them with one final "history test."

In the series finale titled "Girl Meets Goodbye," the teacher pulls out a shotgun test for his students but instead of the typical academic exam, he asks them to look back in their lives and recall what they think are pivotal moments that have shaped them thus far. As all the school action is going down, Corey's wife, Topanga (Danielle Fishel), is still contemplating if uprooting her family and bringing them to London is a good idea.

An exclusive sneak peek photo courtesy of TVLine offers a look at the kids at school with Corey having a bittersweet expression on his face. Although at this point, no one knows exactly what the series finale will ensue, it is safe to assume that Friday's episode will nothing but short of emotional.

Speaking of the unknown, although Disney XD has officially axed the coming-of-age series from their roster, talks of shopping "Girl Meets World" to other platforms are said to have already started. Should something good come out of these negotiations, it would give the show not just a new chance to continue being on air but also tell the narrative that fits its bill.

Show mainstay Rider Strong who played Shawn Hunter from "Boy Meets World" and carrying it over to the spinoff candidly reveals that Disney XD just would not allow "Girl Meets World" to dive into a darker story given its targeted demographics. In a recent interview with "Kevin Pollak's Chat Show" podcast, picked up by a separate report by TV Line, he talks about the discord between the platform and the show itself.

"I think Michael [Jacobs], to his credit, really wrote well for that [age group], and he still does. We've had some very dramatic episodes [of Girl Meets World]. I don't think as dramatic as Boy, mostly because we're on Disney Channel and they won't allow us to. I think had Michael had his way, Girl Meets World would have swung just as extreme," he explained comparing both properties. "When you do a tonal shift like that — I think Boy Meets World missed the mark almost as often as it nailed the mark, honestly — for some people that tonal shift will never work."

"Girl Meets World" series finale airs this Friday, Jan. 20, 6 p.m. ET.