'Grand Theft Auto 6' rumors, updates: Rockstar to introduce game at E3; release date in 2018?

An image of a car customization shop in "Grand Theft Auto 5" | Rockstar Games

Rumor mills have again started speculating on "Grand Theft Auto 6" ("GTA 6") happening soon and being introduced at the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in June by game developer Rockstar Games. Based on this kind of progress, should it prove to be true that development will start this year, actual release may count two to three more years.

According to Neurogadget, the "Grand Theft Auto 5" ("GTA 5") was too huge a success that Rockstar is expected to carry on developing games to match, if not surpass, its past successes, especially a long overdue follow-up to "GTA 5" which is for now loosely referred to as "Grand Theft Auto 6." Reports say that the video games development company is poised for a big announcement of "Grand Theft Auto 6" during the E3 event next month.

These are but unconfirmed reports as the company has yet to release an official statement to clarify all the speculations involving the alleged and anticipated sixth "Grand Theft Auto" installment. Avid followers of the game will have to wait and find out for themselves if indeed there is truth to these rumors during the actual three-day E3 event to be held in Los Angeles.

A report by Develop Online which dated a couple of years back said that Rockstar executive Leslie Benzies confirmed that the company did have ideas as well as plans for a sixth "Grand Theft Auto" game and that it could last for as much as four decades after release.

Meanwhile, another interesting new speculation among the countless others is that "GTA 6" will have a female protagonist which will then be a first in the franchise. It is also said that there will be more customization functionalities available for the characters and improvements in and betterment of the settings.

Assuming that these speculations about the progress of the creation of the new "GTA" game be true, year 2018 might be its earliest possible launch.